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XSite Modular is a woman-owned, modular design/build consulting and management company focused on complex, technology-embedded modular buildings including high-rise modular buildings. Architects, engineers, developers and construction managers appreciate the XSite Modular team's extensive experience in design, construction, and installation of modular buildings of all types including data centers, healthcare buildings, equipment and communications enclosures, educational buildings and student housing, multi-family dwellings and prefabricated Bathroom PODS.

The XSite Modular team has designed and installed modular buildings on five of the seven continents. Our permanent modular buildings use conventional non-combustible materials designed with conventional aesthetics, features and options. We can celebrate the modularity of design or create seamless architectural designs. As a member of the design/build team, our modular expertise allows clients to achieve their desired program and design while attaining the maximum benefits of modular construction including reduced construction schedule and total project costs, consistent high-quality, safer construction with reduced site disruption that is inherently eco-friendly.